Getting Around Bangkok

I remember 30 years ago when I got off the plane for the first time in Europe, by myself.  I had no idea where I was going or how to get there.  The internet was not a thing.  Today, no

one has to be afraid to venture off to unknown areas.  After arriving in Bangkok, then picking up our bags, I proceeded to pull up the GRAB app on my phone.  The technology is so precise now that all one has to do is look up and find out which exit they are leaving through.  On the app you push the appropriate exit and proceed to wait on the curb.  So easy and inexpensive.

I recommend that you download the GRAB app before leaving the US. UBER is a thing of the past here, and they have never heard of LYFT.   For some reason we were having issues putting in a credit card as a form of payment.  We ended up with a debit card as a link for payment.  You can always do cash if you prefer but make sure to hit the cash toggle when choosing payment form.  Don’t want to double pay, like we did.

Notice on the picture below, there is a promo area.  Always google grabpromo before you commit to the payment.  We usually can find something to put into that area.  3 or 4 dollars each time you ride adds up quickly.

We have found this form of transportation in most of the countries we have visitited.  VERY limited in rural areas, though.